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Growing companies require expert financial direction and a suite of complimentary skill sets. Our numbers are robust and stand the test of scrutiny. Our perspective means that we see opportunities for our clients to adapt or develop new capabilities through the help of specialist advisers. We partner with a network of consultants that bring services ranging from business processes, marketing and design to strategy and planning.

Robin Richmond

Independent Strategic Director / Planner

Creative Director, Conference Director and Producer

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Chris Thurling

Non-Executive Director

Digital Strategist, Innovator and Marketing Consultant

Coach and Mentor

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Lucy Mann

Agency New Business Planner and Mentor

DBA Expert Advisor

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Nick Davies

Corporate and Commercial Solicitor

Partner at Steele Raymond

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Matt Desmier

Creative & Digital Consultant

Conference Director

Runner-Up UK Small Business Digital Leader 2015 at Digital Leaders 100 Awards

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Peter Whitehead

Independent Creative Director

Strategic Consultant

Non-Executive Director

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