The company began life in Bath and has since served more than 40 clients across a breadth of business sectors.

Formed by Andy Brown in 2008, 3D FD has delivered financial service solutions for companies operating in the Finance, Digital, Retail Product, Healthcare and Charity sectors. We aim to make a significant difference to our customers. 3D FD delivers strategic financial services to business owners and leaders requiring tailored advice from qualified accountants, with a tangible ROI.

Andy Brown

BA (Hons) FCCA

Andy Brown has a natural ability with numbers. He has an inventive approach to basic financial and accounting processes that free his client businesses to focus on their unique core offerings. Andy works with leaders to crystallise business targets and plans, which means he is able to develop bespoke systems to accelerate results.

He is an ambitious and proficient accountant who enjoys working in dynamic businesses and is experienced in presenting management information through various formats, and with ranging metrics. Andy is a strategic and personable leader who works well in a team.

The combination of his enthusiastic approach to problem solving and the desire to nurture the people he leads work as a catalyst to productivity. Andy is a passionate supporter of the creative industry. He founded Meetball and is a Chief Butcher at Meetdraw and still finds time to act as a Trustee for a charity and is also a director of an NPO. Andy is married to Heather and has two sons.

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