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10 years with 3D FD’s longest customer

It was only eleven years ago that my family and I moved to Bournemouth – never having visited before we put our home in Bath on the market and started looking for a new home here, barely knowing a soul who lived in the area, and not yet having any professional footprint. In the last year, I’ve celebrated a number of 10-year anniversaries since my move to this part of the world, and today is another significant milestone date.

On Friday 7 February 2014, I started my first day working with Chris Lawrenson at his fledgling agency; Coda Communications. At the time they were just moving into their first office, with only a couple of employees and a handful of contractors; a smaller business than I (and 3D FD) had previously worked with. I was drawn to Chris, his character, values and ambition – and I could also see how my contribution could make a big difference to setting up robust foundations to facilitate the growth and success opportunity ahead.

My role at Coda has primarily been advisory and working closely with Chris so I don’t feel I can take much credit for its success, but its steady and consistent annual growth through various macro-economic and political events has been remarkable to witness.

With new leadership in the brilliant Jen Swain, CEO and with over 30 employees and growing each month, Coda continues to cement its position as a global leader in marketing communications for instrumentation and sensing manufacturers operating in global process industries.

I am so glad I started working with Chris and Coda a decade ago – if you don’t know him, Chris is one of the most fair and generous business people I know. If you do know him, you probably know that already.

By quite a margin, Coda has been and continues to be, 3D FD’s longest serving customer. From a personal perspective it’s a pleasure to work with Chris, and now Jen, and I have very high hopes for its future success.

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Andy Brown